January 2006

Four things (for Suw)

Okay, Okay, so Suw set a trend ... ;-)

I’m doing this for Heather Tom Suw and for anyone who ever reads this site because I’ve been too busy and too distracted trying to get some movement in various areas of my life to post here as much as I’d like. So even though it’s filler...

Four jobs I’ve had/have:
DHL Driver (one summer)
International Business Development Manager (Just fits on the business card .. but hey, I did get to travel)
Consultant working for the government (That made a nice change after the dot com years)
Entrepreneur (anyone looking to invest in a promising start up ... )
Four movies I can watch over and over:
Pulp Fiction
Bad Boys
And many many more ...
Four places I’ve liked living
San Francisco
Winkfield (UK)
Bertem (B)

Four TV shows I love (thank god for Bittorrent ... )
The West WIng (Bad news though ... )
Life on Mars
Four places I’ve vacationed:
Puerto Vallarta (the other side of the river!)
Boonville, CA
Bonaire (my mother(is)land)
Latio (It.)
Four of my favorite dishes:
Jambo with Funshi (antillian dish made with Okra and pigstails, nice and slimy with polenta, mmm)
Steak with tomato dragon souce (home cooking, thanks mom)
Sashimi of yellowtail or any unagi (eel) sushi or maki
Really good, fresh pasta
Four sites I visit daily:
Google (pesonalised home page)
Basecamp and our own tool  (do these count as a site ...)
Four pocasts I always listen to:
Everything from IT Conversations
Gilmore Gang
Adam Curry’s Daily Source code (I still have some form when he was living in Belgium, old habits die hard I guess ... )

Four places I would rather be right now:
In a bigger place of my own
Santa Cruz
New York or Boston
Melbourne (never been but people tel me ... )
Four bloggers minxes cheeky monkeys Adorable people I am tagging:
Geert    (emotionblogger because his pictures are amazing)
Ine        (Because she makes great pictures too ... )

Four roads I’d love to ride again
i89 in California
A25 near London
the 69 Between Firenze and Bologna
n345 in Belgium

Digital TV is the Future ... Oh please!

I found Digital TV To Outpace Broadband Internet in Europe by 2010  based on a study by Booz Allen Hamilton via digimedia.

The article makes a valid point when it  indicates that the cable companies are in an ideal position to enable the merger of  TV, Internet and telephony (triple play). But misses the point when declaring "Thus, DTV will replace broadband internet as the principal driver of growth of Europe’s digital economy".
 How can they analyse this market without mentioning the content issue. Eveny trend on the internet is indicating that user created content (written: blogs, spoken: podcasts, or video: vlogs/vcasting) are going to play a key role in the future of the media market. So it’s true that by consolidating, some of the cable companies can take over a lot of market form the  ISPs, but iTV or D-TV will only take of once the content from the Internet’s new user controlled platforms can be published on it.

The succes of digital TV will depand on
* Opening the networks
* Setting standards for viewing and accessing content

I was amazed at how, at the last investor event I attended, a lot of the presentations reminded me of those of the late 90s with a find & replace of Internet by Interactive TV. People wanting to start closed content channels driven by advertising based on user volume ... and other such original ideas. Contrast this with the accuisition by AOL of Weblogs Inc ...

Source: Article on Digimedia.be (NL)

Next generation of ipods pre-loaded?

While reading this article

I remembered the U2 ipod and the Madonna collection Apple was selling ...
Now think Pandora combine it with a podcast like distribution system ...

You buy an ipod and it is constantly filled with the latest stuff you like and not just the stuff you subscribe too.

The podsafe music guys could provide this.

Just some ideas.

Source: US Today

Pixar Sold to Disney

Steve will be on the board.
7.4 billion and steve has 50,6%.

Carl, good predicting!

I’m curious to see the Steve effect on Disney.

(Found on Macintouch)

Source: Disney press release

IA News

Last year was an interesting IA year, we had a meeting almost every month with our Brussels Information Architecture Beer Hour or BIABH (just trying to describe what is really happening, we don't really do cocktails ... ), a lot of interesting people joined (30 so far), we've only had two formal presentations, but we want to double that at least this year. We also want to expand our reach and get more involved with other events.

An other great event this year was the EuroIA summit I'm very curious what will happen next year. I hope to get involved and help with the organisation ... Eric? Peter? ;-)

I also hope to be able to do some projects even though it will be much less then the last year as we're splitting icogs in two, Carl and I will continue with our product, Erik and David have set up Internet Architects, an internet consultanting company.


Pandora - the future is bright

Oh man, it’s not that my faith in the internet has ever been in question but for anyone still having some doubts, here’s a near religious experiense to restore your faith!



Source: City of Bits Blog